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Various Swords for play or display - Ninja, Fantasy and Viking - Recycled Pallet woods

Jandal Wall Art - Recycled Kauri, Rimu, Kahikatea and Cedar

Ninja, Fantasy & Viking Swords - Recycled Pallet Woods, Hilts are Kauri and Rimu

Lighthouse Intarsia - Made from recycled Swamp Totara, Rimu, Blue Pine, Norfolk Pine, Radiata Pine, Macrocarpa and Yellow Cedar. Frame made from pallet wood.

Pattern from Judy Gale Roberts.

Intarsia - Cat Talks To The Universe - Inspired by Daughter In Laws painting - made from pallet woods, Kauri, Kwila, Pine, Swamp Totara and Macrocarpa.


Wall Art - Intarsia - Te Tuna - The Eel - made from Swamp Totara and Pine with Paua eye - 58cm from mouth to tip of the tail.

Wall Art Intarsia - Family of Orca - Made from Swamp Totara and Pine - Big 350mm, Medium 290mm, Small 170mm.

21st Key - Rose Kauri, Kahikatea Numbers

Intarsia - Te Tuna - The Eel - (Left) Rimu and Macrocarpa, (Centre) Swamp Totara and Macrocarpa, (Right) Kauri and Pine.

Centre Tuna - SOLD

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