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Recycled Rimu Pool Ball Table

Recycled Rimu Children's Stools

Recycled Heart Rimu Nest of Tables

Recycled Pallet Wood Chest with Cedar Triquetra

Stackable Storage Chests - made from Recycled Pallet woods

Nest of Work Tables for Primary School Breakfast Club

Pallet wood shelf, Kitset/ Flat pack system.

Octagonal Picnic Table - made from pine.


Recycled Swamp Kauri and Kauri Entrance Table with Celtic Knot

Stackable Storage Chest - Made from Recycled Pallet woods, Triquetra, Heart and Yin/Yang made from Maple, Mahogany and Cedar

Bespoke Rimu CD Racks - made from recycled Rimu, holds 80 cd's per unit

Office Shelf Unit with removable shelves - Pinus Radiata with Maple stain.

Pine Kitchen Shelf Unit - Maple stain with waterbourne polyurethane.

Side Table - Made from Recycled Pallet woods.

Kitchen cupboard - Made from Recycled Pallet woods.

Collapsible Bar Leaners - Made from Pine

Collapsible Bar Leaner - Made from Recycled Pallet wood, great for BBQs, Parties or general get togethers

Vege Bins - Recycled Pallet wood

The Sacred Cross Bookcase - Maple Stained Pine with Swamp Totara Cross, 2.5 metres long x 2.7 metres high.

Work bench - made from recycled pallet wood.

School Picnic Tables - Purple Heart picnic tables with cantilever end seats.  4.7 metres long x 1.5 metres wide.

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