Heavy Machinery

Dump Truck and Digger - Swamp Kauri and Other Various Timbers

Transporter and Skidder - Tawa and Other Various Timbers

Transporter and Digger - Tawa and other Various Timbers

Skider - Various Recycled Timbers

Dump Truck - Recycled Pallet Wood

Diggers - Recycled Various Timbers

Dump Truck - Recycled Kauri, Maple and Pine

Custom Made Stock Truck - Recycled Norfolk Pine and Maple

Classic Cars

Combi Van - Beach Buggy - Recycled Matai and Poplar

Combi Van - Recycled Matai and Poplar

Vdub Beetle - Recycled Rimu and Pine

AC Cobra - Recycled Mahogany and Kahikatea

1963 Riley Elf - Recycled Norfolk Pine

AC Cobra and Mark I Ford Escort - Kauri and Pine

Custom Made V Dub Kombi Van (Kiwi Fuel Cards) - Recycled Rimu and American Maple

Monster Trucks

Ford F100 Monster Truck - Various Recycled Timbers

Racing Truck - Recycled Taraire

Monster Truck - Various Timbers

Custom Made V Dub Kombi (Dyson) - Recycled Rimu and American Maple, Camphor Laurel bumpers

Custom Made 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Trophy - Recycled Swamp Kauri with Heart Kauri racing stripes, American Maple bumper, rims and window trim, Pallet wood base

Truck and Trailer Unit with Digger - Recycled Tawa, Swamp Kauri, Macrocarpa and Recycled Pallet wood