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Sign - Recycled Timbers

Frame - Recycled Cedar


Crates - Various Recycled Timbers


Crates - Recycled Pallet Wood

Welsh Love Spoon - made from Kauri, with Paua and Mother of Pearl Inlay. Made with love for very dear friends of ours.

Picture frame made from old Totara fence battens. Frame size - 850mm x 440mm, overall size - 1050mm x 750mm.

Witches fineils made from old Totara fence battens. You'll find these attached to the gable ends of older house's, by all accounts they were for keeping witches away.... go figure...

Collapsable promotion display shelf. 500mm wide x 350mm high, made from Radiata Pine.

Memory Box
Swift for winding wool
Swift for winding wool

 Custom made Memory Box - Recycled Rimu and Poplar

Great for keepsakes, jewellery or important papers.

Swift for winding wool made from recycled pallet wood

Book Jewellery Box for a 21st gift. 300mm wide x 210mm deep x 90mm high. Made from recycled Kauri (from a local house I am helping demolish), Swamp Totara Fantail and Pine pages.

Heart with image of kids hands

Rimu Heart with Pine lettering

Palm Tree on Island

Palm Tree - Made from miscellaneous recycled Laminated Bamboo (Trunk), Kahikatea (Base) and Mahogany (Fronds) with Rimu Treasure chest

Phone Holders - Made from recycled timbers - Redwood and Swamp Totara.

Chook Shed. 2m x 2.4m x 2.2m

Commissioned - Cedar Picture Frame

Swamp Totara Jewellery Box

Purple Heart Jewellery Box - 3 Layers with Triquetra Intarsia.

Runes - Made from recycled timbers - Purple Heart, Kauri, Swamp Totara nd Rimu.

Cedar Hearts, Stars and Moons.

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