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2020 Kerikeri classic car show stall.

Stock for classic car show


Tic Tac Toe - Various Woods & Marbles

Kids Toys - Recycled pallet woods and other various woods

Ninja, Fantasy & Viking Swords - Recycled Pallet Woods, Hilts are Kauri and Rimu

Various Swords for play or display - Ninja, Fantasy and Viking - Recycled Pallet woods

Bowie knife - Made from Laminated Bamboo and American Maple

A new sword for our son's cache of weapons.  Made from recycled Swamp Totara, Kwila and Pine. 

Animated Hippo -  Recycled Kwila and Pine

Animated Hippos - Miro and Kwila

Space Shuttles with Detachable Boosters - Recycled Oak, Hickory and Kwila

Ride on Dump Truck - Various recycled materials. Model is Ginger the Cat

Kids Toys - Recycled pallet woods

Scroll Saw Animals - Recycled Pallet woods

Play Kitchen - Cedar and Plywood

Ninja Sword and Pirate Cutlass - Recycled Laminated Bamboo

Tic Tac Toe Game - Swamp Kauri with Bone Button

Scroll Saw Animals - Recycled Pallet woods

Rifle - Stock made from recycled Macrocarpa. The barrel, guard and trigger made from Swamp Totara.

Children's Stacking Toys - Made from recycled timbers - Rimu, Kauri, Swamp Totara, Purple Heart and Pine.

Push Along Hippos - Made from recycled timbers - Kauri, Swamp Totara, Rimu, Purple Heart and Pine.

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